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A Phase II, randomised, single-blind, platform trial to assess safety, reactogenicity and immunogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women in the United Kingdom


Vaccine Task Force

Type of Study

Randomised clinical trial to compare interventions in clinical practice


St George’s, University of London


United Kingdom

Chief Investigator

Professor Paul Heath


Pregnant women


The Preg-CoV trial aims to identify the optimal time to administer COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy to best protect pregnant women against COVID-19.

The trial will compare COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being used in the UK vaccination programme, as well as new vaccines as they are approved.

Our research team is involved in two sub-studies in Preg-CoV. The breast milk sub-study is to describe SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in breast milk of mothers who receive COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy. The other sub-study will be performing intracellular cytokine staining on cord blood and maternal blood in 25 participants.

For more details, please visit the vaccine’s research group website.


August 2021 – October 2024